An Inventory Management system in Health
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Can be deployed in the following areas


This manages stock in real time,the pharmacy owner can access statements from the convinience of his place. the sytem has optional features of laboratory managent and ultrasound scan reports.
can be used for either wholesale, retail, distributions, or both wholesale and retail.


The hospital module manages patient services like dental, laboratory results, ultrasound scan results vists and bills and or prescriptions of the paticular patient. The option of patient booking appointments and referrals can be activated


This stores the laboratory results and tests for more than 5 years , the bills inqured and the persons who requested for the tests, the patient results can be reprinted incase the patient looses the result slip. The results are printed on a small slip using inkless printers hence no requirement to a big printer or a full paper


This used to manage the stocks of supermarkets with basic functions, like opening safe, barcode scaning , barcode printing, daily sales emails , portable. you can even deliver to your clients with our E-Shop. all you have to do is to request for the service


The sytem has an installation cost and annual costs for an online sytem


The online sytem has a promotinal installation cost of UGX 800,000/- and maintainace fees of UGX. 400,000 annualy per branch
The offline sytem has an installation fee of UGX 1,800,000/- with no annual fees but incase of maintainace and or upgrade 250,000 per vist per branch
An optional dedicated data bundle of 30k permonth per branch to be introduced soon


The hospital online sytem has promotion installation cost of UGX 500,000/- and maintainace fees of 400,000 per year
The offline system is installed at UGX 2,000,000. no annual fees but with maintainace fee of 250,000/- per vist per branch
An optional dedicated data bundle of 30k per month per branch to be introduced soon

Pharmacy + Laboratory + Scan + E-pharmacy

The online sytem has an installation cost of UGX 1,000,000/- and maintainace fees of 400,000 annualy but for multi-branch its negotiable
The offline sytem has an installion fee of UGX 2,500,000/- with no annual fees but incase of maintainace and or upgrade 250,000 per vist
An optional dedicated data bundle of 30k permonth per branch to be introduced soon

Unique to Us

  • The sytem supports chain pharmacy/ multi-branch pharmacy with inter stock transfer feature
  • The sytem is incoporated with multiple payment options, e.g Mobile money, visa for easy balancing
  • The sytem can be used for Whole sale or retail or both at no additional costs
  • The sytem comes loaded with common medications that can be chosen from as starting points
  • The sytem sends sales reports daily, weekly, monthly to the Admin Email
  • The sytem Records the time of arrival and checkout of the Workers
  • The sytem is intergrated with an E-pharmacy selling sytem where orders come from online
  • The sytem automatically calculates the Adjusted Average Monthly Consumption of each drug/Item
  • The sytem makes a stock card for each drug hence you can view movements and adjustments
  • the sytem has a stock taking function where results of stock take are effected in 20 seconds together with descripance report incase of descripancies
  • The sytem has credit sales where a customer can be sold on credit and pays later and records any partial payments made
  • sytem records the daily temperatures of the pharmacy
  • The sytem has chronic care clients records where you can serve and record daily clients and the clients get notifications a day before for the next refill
  • you can make a kit and sell by kit e.g for short expiries or laboratory items
  • The sytem has a balance sheet taking care of your accounts and or taxes
  • For as long as the bussiness is in uganda we are working on a monthly data bundle that will never exceed 30k, that will serve your bussiness per month
  • For deliveries, the system has capacity to print invoices and profomas in the field with clients using potable printers
  • Admin features

  • Admin can open a new branch and transfer stock from old branches
  • Admin receives emails of reports
  • Views short expiry reports based on 90 days of drug expiry
  • views Low stock items based on entered minimum stock level and Average monthly consumption
  • Admin can sale items if he so wishes
  • Admin can create, Edit and delete users on the sytem
  • Admin can create new stock item, change price, and make adjustments on stock levels
  • admin can see sales reports, daily, weekly, monthly,annual, even sortable as per dispensers
  • Admin can view purchase reports
  • Admin can Authorise a Stock Take
  • Admin can make a profoma Invoice
  • Admin can enter drug invoices if he so wishes
  • Admin creates drug kits and make prices for them
  • Admin can create chronica care patients, edit and delete
  • Admin can print out reports I.e daily, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month
  • Admin can view descripance report after Stock Take
  • Admin can view and work on orders made online
  • Admin can transfer stock from one branch to another
  • Admin can create expenses and Payrolls part of balance sheet
  • Admin can create/edit/delete suppliers, Dosage forms, Categories as required by the system
  • The admin changes the name of the pharmacy, Address, contacts etc.
  • Dispenser Capabilities

  • can make a Sale
  • Can view sales report made by him
  • Can Enter Drug Invoices
  • Can reset his Password via Email
  • Can Sale on credit
  • Can receive credit payments if there is no cashier
  • Can Change his Password and Login Details
  • can generate and print profoma invoice
  • Can enter Temperature records
  • can create and serve chronic care patient
  • can view Stock levels of his branch and another branch if any
  • Advantages of Online Sytem

  • The pharmacy owner or Manager can see real time sales and reports in his convinience
  • There is no need for the pharmacy owner to buy a server Computer
  • Your Data is secured no chances of data losses because we use upto date robust servers
  • Data Cable connections are not necesary and can be avoided
  • Small devices like Tablets and Mobile Phones with bluetooth printers can be employed buying computers is an option
  • You have a chance to use maintainace free printers which doesnot require Ink or otherwise
  • You get timely System updates and upgrades with no extra charges unless a custom service is required
  • We can design for you a Custom Website for your Pharmacy and we Intergrate in the sytem subject to terms and conditions
  • Testing Login Credentials

    Testing Admin
  • Email: test@admin.com
  • Password: test
  • Testing Dispenser
  • Email: test@dispenser.com
  • Password: test
  • E pharmacy Cient

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